Tree Removal

    Stump Removal can be an uphill task if you don’t have the right skills and experience to do it. No matter the size of your stump, at Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga, we have the right equipment and personnel to do the task. Our stump grinding machines can remove stumps that are deep beneath the ground, and we don’t leave behind any root that we can get to! Our professionals carry out the job causing as little damage to your property, and work to remediate the area as best possible once we are completed. Once the stump is removed, you may use it for mulch or allow the tree service to haul it away. Typically, stumps are ground after the tree removal as this allows for the easy transportation and dumping of the tree matter. 

    Top Reasons Why You Should Remove Stumps from Your Property

    Once a tree has been cut, the removal of stumps must follow suit. You may be telling yourself that’ll ‘get rid of it later’ – let us tell you, the job won’t get any easier further down the track! The following are the benefits of removing stumps.

    • They usually attract rodents and insects.
    • The removal of stumps paves the way for the maintenance of your lawn or garden.
    • To maximize the value of your property.
    • A way of preparing your ground for construction.
    • To enhance efficient drainage of your yard area.

    If you need professional services in stump removal, contact our friendly arborists in Albury-Wodonga for a quote. We have a host of specialist equipment that can remove your stumps while causing minimal – if any – damage to your property. To note, our stump removal cost is negotiable and can be customized to fit your budget, so feel free to discuss this with us.