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Welcome to Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga, your trustworthy tree removal specialists. For all your tree services including tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning and chipping, look no further as we are the team for the job. Operating in the Albury-Wodonga region for over ten years, we have seen it all. Call us now for a chat on what you need done, and we’ll be able to get together a quote for you.

It is imperative to us that we operate in the safest manner possible – both to person and to property – so know that we’ll get the job done right for you without any headaches. Tree removal can be a large task, especially with very mature trees, so we approach each job with experience and professionalism to ensure that you get the outcome you are after.


Tree Removal

Whether you want more sunlight, or are worried that you’ll get a branch through the roof in the next storm, we’ll take care of your tree removal and clean up our mess.

Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

Large stump in the way of your next project? Not sure how you are going to get the last bit of the tree out? Leave the job to the professionals. We’ll use the right machinery to get your stump removal done.​

Tree Pruning / Tree Cutting

Whether you want more sunlight, or are worried that you’ll get a branch through the roof in the next storm, we’ll take care of your tree removal  and clean up our mess.


Ready to see your boundary fence again?! Greenery got away on you? We’ll get it right back under control with our experience, profession and powertools.

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At Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga, we are here to help you get rid of the greenery you no longer require. From trimming back the shrubs, to removing well established trees, our trained professionals are at your service. Need a bit more light in your yard? Branches overhanging the house and dropping leaves into the gutters? Let us get in there and give things a good old spruce up!

Our tree removal specialists have been in this game for a long time and are well acquainted with our local tree types, along with requirements for permits to remove large or protected trees – an important part of the tree removal process. You will have seen a number of videos circulating the Interenet with arborists hanging off branches that collapse, or trees being felled into structures…tree removal is a strategic job, and with the right tools and right know-how, can be made a lot safer than you having a go yourselves.

But tree removal is only half the job – what about the heaving great stump that requires removal afterwards?! This is where specialist stump removal tools are really necessary. The stump along can weigh a number of tonnes for a fully mature tree, so cannot simply be picked up and put through the chipper. Specialist stump removal machinery (a large, rotating set of saw blades) is pressed down into the stump as it sits – instantly turning the large wooden mass into a pulp. This allows for the majority of the stump’s mass to be removed, before the individual roots themselves can be pulled out of the ground, and the hole backfilled and re-grassed. Don’t worry, Albury-Wodonga Tree Services have got you covered on this as well.


Our Clients request a tree removal for a number of reasons ranging from remediating a safety hazard to increasing the sunlight that gets to their deck. With our specialist equipment and wealth of experience, we can make the removal of even the largest, mature trees an absolute breeze. First, our qualified arborist will undertake a thorough assessment of the tree to be removed – identifying the current integrity of the tree, possible failure points on the tree, and an assesment of the surrounding to find areas where the tree can be felled without causing damage to property. Once the tree is on the deck, it’ll be cut up into more manageable rings that can be further split into firewood and chucked into the shed for winter.


Now that the scary bit is done, what about the hug stump left behind? Maybe the last property owner cut the tree down but didn’t finish the job properly. For stump removal, you need the big guns. Large, rotary saws will be pressed down into the stump to turn as much of the stump’s mass into pulp. This allows it to fly into the truck and be shipped offsite. The remaining roots are all removed from the stump pit by hand, ensuring that there are no surprises further down the track when someone puts a shovel into the ground. After the stump is removed, the crater can be backfilled and re-dressed with topsoil and grass. 


Your backyard is an active beast, and without regualar upkeep, it can really get away on you. Although it may not be as big of a job, clearing scrub and brush is an arduous task that our team are happy to deal with. Helped out by our machinery and chipper, you’ll be left with a beautiful clear area to begin the next projects. When we are onsite for a tree removal, why not have the guys attack the rest of the garden? We’ll get it all in the chipper and take it all offsite in one foul swoop.


A grinder is use to efficiently shred a stump or foliage into small woodchips – so they can be loaded onto a truck and taken outta here. The stump is shredded down to below the soil level, with the majority of the tree’s mass taken care of. Remaining roots decay naturally. Our chipper can get through all sorts of green mass, so be sure to collect everything up into a pile so we can remove everything from site in one swoop


Tree removal in Albury-Wodonga is a busy game, as development increases and trees continue to grow. Health and safety concerns about overhanging branches are becoming increasingly popular as we all become more aware of potential hazards around us. Similarly, safety requirements around carrying out tree removal and stump removal work are constantly being scrutinised and raised, so I pays to get a professional tree removalist onto the job – Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga are happy to help. 

Why do our Clients request tree removal in Albury-Wodonga? With the ever-increasing development being undertaken on the fringes of town, trees are removed to make way for property development. Some very large trees are protected in our region, and proposal to remove these is taken very seriously – if even considered at all – but if you are the owner of a property and a large tree is within your bounds, it is unlikely that you will come into any administrative issues. Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga will happily advise you of whether a tree removal is permitted without further permissions. Stump removal does not come under the same scrutiny and can be undertaken at the discretion of the property owner.

As mentioned earlier, overgrown trees also pose an increasing risk to buildings and persons, so Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga frequently remove precarious-looking branches to ensure that nothing is damaged during our next large storm event. Trees also die for several reasons – due to both external and internal factors. Once a tree dies, and the structural integrity of the tree itself starts to degenerate, it poses a large risk to adjacent property, as it is still a very large, tall object. Tree removal in this instance is merely a safety measure, as the tree will not recover once showing signs of poor health. This can be observed by a failure to produce leaves in-season, ‘greying’ of the bark and trunk structure, or more frequent collapsing of branches during storm events. Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga will be able to identify this ill-health and advise on the best tree removal procedure – to either partially or full remove the tree.

Storm damage / fire damage can also degrade trees to a point where tree removal is the means of remediation. With years of experiecen int this region, Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga are well versed in diagnosing the structural integrit of a tree and advising on the best course of action.

Tree removal for the sake of making space in your yard is also a very common request. As property ownership changes hands, and new owners wish to maximise usable land or subdivide, removal of large trees is very common. Large trees typically inhibit the use of some areas of your property due to the future risk of collapse, therefore having said tree removed will increase your options when evaluating your property.