chipping albury-wodonga


If you are removing trees to protect your property or enhance the health of the tree, our tree experts can deliver excellent results to you. Right after the tree hits the ground though, you’ll be needing to get that trimmed up and shipped out of there.

Wood chipping is effective for reducing a large tree mass into something small enough to sprea on your garden, or load onto a truck and taken offsite. Chipping can be complicated if you don’t approach it in the right way. Trees must be reduced down to manageable branches / bushes prior to being fed into the chipper, and this requires a heap of specialist tools. Do you intend to chip up your tree? Even if you have done all the hard work in felling a tree and breaking it down into manageable branches, let Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga chip that tree to smithereens!

A lot of can be fed into a woodchipper, so please ask our professional team if you can mulch up any other wood mass you have lying around your property – we’d be happy to help. Once mulched, this can be:

  • Spread around the garden to provide nutrients
  • Loaded onto a truck / trailer and relocated
  • Dried and burned

For a low-cost chipper service, don’t hesitate to discuss the job with Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga.

Wood chipping can provide several benefits to your trees and foliage, as highlighted below.

  • It minimizes a large amount of debris without burning.
  • Chipping is one way of preserving the environment, as it encompasses the recycling of waste.
  • Wood chips may be used in the growth of mushrooms.
  • Wood chips can be spreading on gardens as mulch 

If you are looking for mulcher hire in Albury-Wodonga, contact us for all the services you require. Our company has hard-working woodchippers that can provide you with high-quality mulch. We understand different species of trees and advise on which will produce excellent mulch for you.