For tree removal, stump grinding and everything in between…

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be challenging – especially when there are residential and commercial buildings nearby. Every dad will throw up their hand and say that they have things under control, but once that tree comes crashing through the kitchen roof, everyone will agree that getting in touch with a tree removal professional would have been in everybody’s interests! ​ In every neighborhood, trees are usually surrounded by plants and essential buildings, so if you don’t know what it takes to remove trees, please get in touch with one of the team at Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga. The removal of trees requires the services of competent professionals to ensure that your home or any other building is protected from a falling tree. There are a number of contractors around the traps that’ll offer to help fell a tree, but knowing that the tree removal will be undertaken in a manner that will protect person and property is important. Stay on the safe side and engage the tree removal specialists at Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga. The choice of the equipment for tree removal will depend on the size of the tree, branch structure, and the area in which the tree is located. We have all required specialist equipment, such as pole saws, hand saws, tree loppers, and woodchippers; so don’t worry, we can serve you well.

Stump Removal

Stump Removal can be an uphill task if you don’t have the right skills and experience to do it. No matter the size of your stump, at Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga, we have the right equipment and personnel to do the task. Our stump grinding machines can remove stumps that are deep beneath the ground, and we don’t leave behind any root that we can get to! Our professionals carry out the job causing as little damage to your property, and work to remediate the area as best possible once we are completed. Once the stump is removed, you may use it for mulch or allow the tree service to haul it away. Typically, stumps are ground after the tree removal as this allows for the easy transportation and dumping of the tree matter.

Tree Pruning

Whether your tree is a threat to buildings, dead, or blocking sunlight, our tree removalists will assess the situation and determine the right approach of pruning it. Tree trimming is often overlook, and only addressed when things become a real issue i.e. when branches are tapping against windows, or leaves are accumulating in drains. Be proactive and tidy things up before they cause damage. In doing so, you also reduce risk to persons in the area. It is critical to bear in mind that there are so many arborists out there providing tree pruning services. However, the majority of them don’t have the experience to conduct the task. At tree services Albury-Wodonga, we are endowed with competent professionals, who are registered, licensed, and insured to serve you. Also, we have the right tools and approaches to pruning your trees safely. We are aware that each tree has a different approach when it comes to pruning. For instance, the old and neglected tree requires more than one pruning cycle to restore it to health. Our tree removalist is familiar with the biological features of the tree, and they won’t interfere with its health. Our experts do pruning while maintaining the aesthetic and health values of your tree.


If you are removing trees to protect your property or enhance the health of the tree, our tree experts can deliver excellent results to you. Right after the tree hits the ground though, you’ll be needing to get that trimmed up and shipped out of there. Wood chipping is effective for reducing a large tree mass into something small enough to sprea on your garden, or load onto a truck and taken offsite. Chipping can be complicated if you don’t approach it in the right way. Trees must be reduced down to manageable branches / bushes prior to being fed into the chipper, and this requires a heap of specialist tools. Do you intend to chip up your tree? Even if you have done all the hard work in felling a tree and breaking it down into manageable branches, let Tree Removal Albury-Wodonga chip that tree to smithereens! A lot of can be fed into a woodchipper, so please ask our professional team if you can mulch up any other wood mass you have lying around your property – we’d be happy to help. Once mulched, this can be: Spread around the garden to provide nutrients Loaded onto a truck / trailer and relocated Dried and burned
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